OKBET AGENT REGISTRATION - Earn 30% Commission Monthly

Join OKBet AGent and earn passive income. Anyone can apply as an agent for online casino games, sports betting, and esports betting. Become your own boss and work at your own pace. Apply for an agent now!

Here are the benefits you can get from registering for OKBet Agent Program:

Who is OKBET?

OKBET is one of the best online sports betting and casino in the Philippines that is licensed and regulated under the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. OKBET offers the best odds, sports betting games, online casino gaming, and esports. If you’re looking for a fast, secure, and legit sportsbook in the Philippines, OKBET is the best choice. 

What is OKBET AGENT Program?

OKBET Agent program is a perfect way to earn passive income while having fun. Anyone can be a play and at the same time an Agent. You can get up to 30% commissions on the affiliate programs plus 1.7% commissions on every invite.

How to Register as OKBet Agent?

Work at your own pace and Be your one boss. Becoming an OKBET agent is one of the best side hustles that gives you freedom, flexibility, and time while earning. 

Follow our step by step guide on how to apply as an OKBet Agent: 

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You have 2 options to apply. 1. You’ll need a unique referral code. Click on the link and register. 

To APPLY : https://www.okbet.com/?inviteCode=okagent

2. You can contact us directly via our social media page OKBET Online Games 




Fill in you information such as your phone number, OTP/  emails address. OKBET will send your OTP using your phone, make sure to give the right information.


OKBET platform will redirect you to your account, make sure to add your password and other important details required.


Once you’re done with the registration. Make sure to verify” your account first via our KYC team. Click the button below(inserted image for reference) to begin the process. 


No need to invest anything if you wanted to be the okbet agent, except your time.


Once verified. Contact our customer service team and mention your intent to

“Be One of OKBET Agents Today!”

How Do I Earn from Becoming an OKBET Agent?

Becoming an OKBET AGENT comes with different plans such as Primier AGENT Plan, Master AGENT Plan, Service center plan, and Online agent plan.  You can start earning with online agent plan where no investment or pre-purchased credit required. This plan offers seamless entry for all agents whethere experienced or not. Start your journey on commissions-based earnings via player’s turnover. 







Turnover reaches 0 - 1 Million

Calculated Based On Player Turnover


Turnover reaches 1 Million - 3 Million

Calculated Based On Player Turnover 


Turnover Reaches 3 Million - Above

Calculated Based On Player Turnover 



Turnover reaches 0 - 10 Million

Calculated Based On Player Turnover


Turnover reaches 10 Million - 20 Million

Calculated Based On Player Turnover


Turnover Reaches 20 Million - Above

Calculated Based On Player Turnover

NOTE: No Pre-purchase credit required on online agent plan

Why it’s profitable to be an agent at OKBET

Being an agent in a legal online gambling industry comes packed with various perks that help you get ahead in industry while maintaining control over your schedule at all time. To give you an idea, here are some benefits you can get if you apply as an agent with us.


Control over your work

As an agent, you may have more control over your work than in a traditional employment role, with the ability to set your own goals and work towards them at your own pace.


As an agent, you typically have a degree of independence in your work, including setting your own schedule and working from home or remotely.

Income potential

Agents often earn commissions or bonuses based on their sales or performance, which can lead to higher income potential than in a traditional salaried position.

Opportunities for growth

Being an agent can provide opportunities for professional development, such as training, networking, and skill-building.


Many agent roles offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and location, which can be beneficial for those with family or other commitments.

Why Trust OKBET?

Not all online casinos and sports betting sites in the Philipines are legal. There are only a few gambling companies that was given a chane to run legally . This was licensed and regulated under the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation and OKBET is given a chance to run legally across the country. 

OKBET is more than just an online gambling company, we aim to support each individuals to pursue their passion in sports and help to unleash skills hidden beneath each individuals through our “OKBET AGENT” program. We are proud to say that OKBET is: 


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