Key Concepts to Sports Betting

Beginners Guide: Key Concepts to Sports Betting

As a beginner, it is important to focus on the basics in sports betting. Once you familiarize the fundamentals, it’s easy for you to chose the gambling activity you want to be involved.

Focus on One Team

Knowing the team you want to support is the basic concept. Being an expert on one team is far more beneficial than having ordinary knowledge on several teams. The more you know about a certain them, the better you’ll be able to recognize good value when you examine the most recent betting odds.

In betting on sports, the more you know a certain team, the more you are aware of what going on with them. This will help you understand how and when the bookmakers adjust the lines. In sports, this happen all the time and it is your advantage to know them well.

Examine the Team’s Record Against the Spread

The term “ATS” stands for “against the spread” and is a popular stat. It is incredibly useful to understand how teams perform not only in the win/loss column but also against the point spread set by online casinos. When it comes to gambling, think of the point spread as a supplementary competition for teams.

Teams strive for as many straight-up victories as possible, but for gambling reasons, it’s also critical to evaluate how they performed in comparison to the oddsmakers’ expectations, not simply their opponents. This is known as a team’s ATS stat.

If a team beats the spread more than half of the time on average, it’s a solid bet for you to make.

Maintain Financial Management

This concept will be useful in any activity where you are deciding how to invest your money. In summary, it’s not just about the teams you bet on, but also about the amount and regularity with which you bet.

The goal of good bankroll management is to insulate yourself from the inevitable cold streaks that happen with any type of gaming from time to time. The first step is to set up a separate betting bankroll from your ordinary spending money.

If you have more than PHP 200,000 in your sports betting bankroll, your average single bet size should be roughly 2% of your total roll. Making more bets with a lesser amount of your roll dependent on each bet is always preferable.

These may appear to be minor figures, but if you want to increase your roll over time while avoiding lose bets, this is the best thing to do.

Know the Best Lines and Odds

Knowing the lines and odds is a must, however, many bettors failed to understand it as it takes time and effort to learn. Let’s say if one store charged you more than the other store with the same product, you’d be fool not to choose the cheaper one. The drawback is that you must know which sportsbook or casino gives you the greater price.

Ride Winning Streaks

In sports, team and individual performance can be extremely volatile. Sometimes players are in the zone and can’t miss a shot, but other times they take it slow. You can profit from unstable winning streaks in your betting if you can see them faster than the oddsmakers.

What is vital to remember is that the odds are offering the correct value and that you are appropriately considering all of the components. Considering a stronger team wins consecutively against your preferred team, it might be the sign for you to take a pause while observing other stronger team.

If you do support a specific team through sports betting, keep on track of your routine and the team or player’s performance so you can choose wisely when should you place your bets. If you want to take them on the spread rather than the moneyline, look at how they’ve done against the spread in recent games.

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How to Bet on sports

In sports betting, finding the right sportsbook should be the first thing you need to consider. Choose a sportsbook that gives competitive odds, good reviews, licensed, and more. Consider us OKBET as one of the most trusted sportsbook in the Philippines. Unline other bookies, they are transparent, regulated and licensed under PAGCOR, promote sports through betting, give generous bonuses, and more. Just like other sportsbook, OKBET offers different betting market for you to have options on what bet you wanted to make.

Here are the top common betting type you can choose from:  

Favorites vs. Underdogs

“Favorites” and and “underdogs” are terms commonly used in sports to describe the likelihood of teams or players on sports events. Favorites refers to the team or players that is expected to win based on their performance. Underdogs, on the other hand, are teams are weaker and moste likely expected to lose on the game. In sports betting, it is important to understand the concept of favorites and underdog. Just because you bet on the favorites doesn’t mean that you will win. Everything depends on your choices. To help you understand more, take time to read our guide so you can choose wisely which one will you place your bets.

Point Spreads

Point spreads, commonly known as “betting lines” or “the spread,” are a popular strategy in sports betting for balancing the odds between two teams or competitors with varying skill levels or projected possibilities of winning. Point spreads are often employed in sports where scoring can be high and diverse, such as football, basketball, and hockey.

Moneylines Betting

Moneyline betting is a common type of sports betting in which a bet is placed on the outright winner of a sporting event without taking into account point spreads or handicaps. A moneyline bet requires you to simply select the team or person you believe will win the game, and your wager is settled based on the outcome of the event.

Over/Under Betting

Over/Under betting is popular in a variety of sports, including basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and others that feature scoring or statistical metrics. It enables bettors to concentrate on the overall outcome of a game or event rather than picking a specific winner or loser. However, before placing any wagers, it is critical to understand the odds and potential hazards, as well as to gamble sensibly and within your means.


What Does (-,+) ?

Positive (+) and Negative (-) sign in each sportsbook refers to the odds of the match. Wherein favorites got the (-) and underdog got the (+) sign. To balance the game, sportsbook needs to favor the underdog (+). This way the player have an advantage if they bet on the weaker team. Regardless of the result of the game, you are responsible to choose which odds can make you win. This is the reason why understanding the odds is a must in sports betting. 


Betting on sports takes risks as it involves money. Sometimes it can bet thrilling, but there are times that it’s disappointing. However, you should remember that the goal of sports betting is for you to support your team and shoul bring you fun.  Stay in the loop and follow our betting guide to avoid more mistakes in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a Welcome Bonus in betting on sports betting?

Yes, Sports betting site like OKBET gives a lot bonuses and promotions that you can use in betting. However, these bonuses offers in  limited time only, so take advantage of it while it lasts. 

Is it Safe to Gamble Online?

It depends on the sportsbook you choose. You need to learn the basic fundamentals in finding a trusted sportsbook near you. PAGCOR regulated site like us OKBET is what we recommend. We are legally operating sports betting and casinos in the philippines with high security, fascinating gaming features, and more.

What Kind of sports Can I Place a Bet?

You can place your bet on Basketball, PBA,  NBA, and MPBL. However, there are many  sports you can place your bet. Depending on your interest in sports, make sure you enjoy your betting activity. 

What is the Best Online Sports Betting Site in the Philippines?

OKBET is a PAGCOR regulated sports betting and casino site in the Philippines where you can trust placing your bets. There are many gambling sites that you can opt to bet however, having a licensed is your advantage in choosing the right sportsbook.

How do I avoid Gambling Addiction?

 Setting limits especially on your budget is one factor to avoid gambling addiction. Always remember that gambling takes high risks. If you’re not well versed of how this industry work, better to study more.

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